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Meet the latest and greatest HEATED PRODUCTS

There are some people who are always cold no matter what the season, but the freezing temperatures of winter can be extra challenging, especially if you love to be outdoors year-round. The solution? The heated products of BERTSCHAT®!

While all our heated gloves will keep your hands warm in freezing temperatures, some are specially designed for different kinds of outdoor activities. Explore your brand new heated gloves.

Our heated socks are ideal for people who suffer from cold feet, chilblains and Raynaud's syndrome. Meet your solution, our new heated socks.

The BERTSCHAT® Heated insoles are specially designed for the ultimate walking comfort. The heated insoles are designed by specialists and foot therapists and offers optimal support and maximum cushioning. Unbox your new heated insoles.

Or are you an enthusiastic hiker or cyclist? But do bitter winds and low temperatures often throw a spanner in the works? Not anymore. The BERTSCHAT® Heated Clothing will protect you against the coldest winter days. With heating elements, which means you can go outdoors with complete peace of mind. Discover now your new heated clothing.

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BERTSCHAT®️ is an international brand

BERTSCHAT®️ is an international brand with over 10 years of experience in specializing the sales of convenience products. The products are further developed every year, so we can always offer the best and most advanced products that protects against the most extreme weather conditions.

From wintersporters to construction workers and from (motor)cyclists to police officers, BERTSCHAT®️ has the best and most suitable products. We have the most advanced and latest technology products. You’re protected against all types of weather, from a heatwave in summer to snowstorms in winter.

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