The solution is always heated gloves

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Whether you suffer from Raynaud Syndrome, chilblains, go on winter sports, are a world champion or policeman, the solution for cold hands is heated gloves. Usually when your hands are cold, the rest of the body quickly follows. And once the cold kicks in, it is hard to become warm again. Especially when you are in a cold environment.

Raynaud's Syndrome

Many people with Raynaud's syndrome have been greatly helped by our heated gloves. Being unable to function due to cold and painful fingers is one of the most annoying things that can happen during winter time. Below are Myrthe's fingers, she has Raynaud's syndrome: a vascular disorder in which the blood supply to the fingers is obstructed. She always looked up to winter, because she could no longer do the thing she loves most: horse riding. Fortunately, she found the solution in our Heated Under Gloves with Dual Heating in 2021. Ideal to wear under existing gloves, they also provide a protective and insulating layer.

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Myrthe's solution for the Raynaud Syndrome

Winter sports

Are you an avid winter sports enthusiast but are the cold temperatures a major drawback? Then heated gloves could be the solution for you, too. For example, Michel below was helped immensely by the Heated Gloves PRO - Dual Heating on top of the mountain in Austria. Normally, he had to stop every so often because his hands became too painful and numb. Now he can enjoy the Austrian mountains carefree again.

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Michel got finally warm hands on top of the mountain in Austria

World Champion

Below is Daniel Federspiel, 2-time world champion, in action with our Heated Cycle Gloves - Dual Heating If you are a mountain biker just like him and you have a race or long drive in the rain/winter season? Then heated gloves are a good idea. The heated gloves allow Daniel to focus more on winning the race, rather than on his cold fingers.

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Real World Champion Daniel Federspiel wins another race with our heated gloves 

Numerous other activities

Of course, the heated gloves are suitable for numerous other activities. Whether you golf, walk the dog, enjoy a long walk or just want warm hands. BERTSCHAT® heated gloves are the solution. The Dutch police use the BERTSCHAT® heated gloves and heated socks on their daily patrols. Especially during the colder days, they can be outdoor longer then before.

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