Warm feet at last, thanks to heated socks

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Cold feet are often at the source of a shivery, cold feeling. Cold feet can affect the rest of the body. Do you feel cold often and quickly? If so, the solution might be found at your feet. By keeping them warm on cold days, you will feel less cold in the rest of your body. BERTSCHAT® has developed heated socks especially for this purpose. Below you can read more about the various models and the possibility of interchanging the socks' batteries with other BERTSCHAT® products.

Long Edition: Specially designed for winter sports, motorcycling and many other activities.

The Long Edition is the version originally developed specifically for winter sports and riding a motorbike, as the sock extends above the boot. In terms of length, it can be compared to a pair of football socks that reach just under the knee.

The Long Edition is also enjoyed by other target groups, such as people who work outdoors, hikers, cyclists and people suffering from chilblains and Raynaud's syndrome. There are three different editions of the sock. all heated socks come with 2,600 mAh battery packs as standard. You have the option to select a heavier battery pack (3,000 or 3,800 mAh) when you need a longer heating time.

 Heated Socks Basic Heated Socks PRO Heated Socks Elite
The basic version of the heated socks is fully equipped. These socks are characterised by the large heating element on the front of the socks. The entire front of the foot is heated from top to bottom. The socks are adjustable in three heat settings and can reach a temperature of up to 68 degrees. The PRO version is the advanced version of the Basic version. In addition to all the features of the Basic version, the batteries of the PRO version are USB rechargeable, which allows you to easily recharge the batteries on the go using a power bank or USB connection in the car. In addition, a remote control is included, allowing you to easily switch between the three heat settings. The BERTSCHAT® Elite heated socks have been specially developed for people with sensitive feet. Thanks to the unique, external heating element, you no longer feel the heating wires. This gives a huge boost to your walking comfort. Apart from the external heating elements the Elite socks do have all the same features as the Basic and PRO versions.
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Hiking Edition: designed especially for hikers, cyclists and numerous other activities

These socks are ideal as you do not need to pull them over your calves. The Hiking Socks rise above your ankle, making them perfect for hiking or cycling. The Hiking Edition is well suited for other purposes as well, it simply heats your feet when needed. Two versions of the Hiking Edition are offered, the PRO and the Elite. These socks come with 2,600 mAh batteries as standard. You have the option to select a heavier battery pack (3,000 or 3,800 mAh) when you need a longer heating time.

Heated Socks PRO Heated Socks Elite
The PRO edition is characterised by its large heating surface and the included remote control. The remote allows you to easily switch between different heat settings without having to remove your clothes. If you want to enjoy the heating for a longer time, you can choose the most powerful batteries 3,800 mAh at a reduced price. This battery contains around 50% more power than the standard batteries included. Sensitive feet? In addition to all the features of the PROs, these Elite socks feature an external heating element, which makes sensible heating wires a thing of the past. Made for optimal walking comfort, this model provides heat up to 68 degrees. You can easily adjust the heat level with the remote control.
€149.95 €169.95

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