Sustainable and responsible heating: facts and figures

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Heating locally is always more responsible than heating an entire room. In addition, you specifically heat the areas that need it, so you will experience the heat at an earlier stage too. In order to express this in facts and figures, we set out to investigate. What savings can you expect and what does it cost to charge a battery pack?

Your savings depend on the number of kWh you use daily to heat your home. Assuming that you charge the batteries once a day, you can easily calculate your savings by subtracting the daily cost from the charging cost.

The cost obviously varies for each set of batteries. The more power the batteries have, the more energy this costs, so the higher the cost per charge.

Did you know:
Wearing heated clothing indoors allows you to turn down the thermostat? As a result, you no longer need to heat the entire room. This benefits your energy bill.

Charging your battery pack only costs one cent*.

As you can see in the chart below, fully charging even our most powerful battery packs only cost a few cents. Battery packs varying from 2,200 mAh to 3,000 mAh cost just one cent per charge*. This shows that wearing heated clothing is a money saver in itself. With current energy prices, your investment will quickly be saving money for you. If we take the highest rate (0.04) with a daily recharge throughout the winter (Dec - Feb), you end up with under €4 in recharge costs for a set of batteries (2 powerbanks in this case).

Public focus on sustainable and responsible heating

Following last year's energy crisis, RTL (Dutch TV-network) stopped by our office. In September 2022, energy and gas prices skyrocketed and there was a huge demand for heated clothing early in the season. Below you will find the video:

Overview per battery pack

Battery Pack / Powerbank Capacity (KWH) Full Charge Rate €
2x 2.200 mAh, 7.4V = 32.56Wh 0.03256 0.013
2x 2.600 mAh, 7.4V = 38.48Wh 0.03848 0.015
2x 3.000 mAh, 7.4V = 44.40Wh 0.04440 0.018
2x 3.800 mAh, 7.4V = 56.24Wh 0.05624 0.022
1x 10.000 mAh, 5V = 50Wh 0.05000 0.020
2x 10.000 mAh, 5V = 100Wh 0.10000 0.040

*Based on an electricity price of €0.40 P/KWH

You can find the battery type on the back of your batteries. Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

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