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BERTSCHAT® products are used for all kinds of purposes. From people with conditions such as chilblains, Raynaud's syndrome or a paraplegia. But the products are also used by people living in extremely cold areas or visiting these places for a holiday or winter sports.

Today we talk to ski instructor Sirio Talmon, who is happy to share his personal story with us about the convenience and outcome the BERTSCHAT® products offer him.

“My name is Sirio Talmon, I am an Italian ski instructor and live in Canazei. That's a small town in the Dolomites mountains in Italy. I don't want to beat around the bush, but will explain directly why I chose BERTSCHAT®. Just over a year ago, December 2022, I was completely paralysed in a hospital. I was struck by a severe disease called Guillain Barrè syndrome. This disease destroys your nervous system and makes you unable to move. It was terrible and difficult to get back to life as it was before. Currently, I am still not back to my full 100%, but competent and fit enough to be able to do my beloved job and hobby – (teaching) skiing.

This illness forced me to search on Google for products that could help me. As mentioned, it is a severe disease that affects the functioning of the nervous system. Mainly, my toes and hands hurt when I am in a cold environment. In the end, I chose BERTSCHAT® because it is the only brand that is the available solution for me. With maximum heating surface and resistant to the most cold environments. At the moment, I don't leave home for a moment without these special products.

I tell this story, as I do to my guests, because they are interested in both my illness and my solution. I also tell them: that without these BERTSCHAT® gloves and socks, I would not be able to do my beloved profession. I am very grateful for that."

Really thanks. For protecting my body,



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