The costly consequence when too many Tesla batteries are not sold

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Recently, the news has been buzzing with reports about Tesla's struggle to sell over 47,000 cars. At first glance, this seems like a setback for the company, but it also directly impacts the performance of their cars.

Disappointing results
In the first quarter of 2024, Tesla experienced a 20% decline in sales, resulting in a significant surplus of cars. This is a concern for the company because, while the cars themselves remain in good condition, their batteries require regular maintenance.

Battery Products Require Constant Care
As we often emphasize in our newsletters and manuals, battery products need regular care and attention to stay in optimal condition. For a family, managing this is relatively straightforward—think of a Tesla, a couple of electric bikes, mobile phones, and perhaps a set of heated gloves. If these battery-powered products are left unused for too long, they lose resistance, leading to reduced capacity. This is precisely what we want to avoid. Here’s what happens when batteries are neglected:

  • Electric car: Reduced range (fewer kilometers driven)
  • Electric bike: Reduced range (fewer kilometers cycled)
  • Mobile phone: Reduced battery performance (battery drains faster)
  • Heated gloves: Reduced battery performance (batteries drains faster)

Inactivity Leads to Degradation
Keeping batteries active by using them regularly maintains their performance, keeping the cells active and powerful. Our product manuals provide detailed instructions on how to maintain batteries for optimal performance.

Tesla's Challenge
With over 47,000 unsold cars, Tesla faces a significant challenge in maintaining these batteries to ensure the cars remain ready for sale. Keeping the batteries in good condition is crucial for the longevity and performance of the vehicles.

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