Do you suffer from hot, restless nights?

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With our refreshing BERTSCHAT® bedding collection, you'll get a good night's sleep!

While the warmth of the sun is a real pleasure to take, especially when it's a source of Vitamin D, it's very unpleasant at night. Summer nights are synonymous with a hot, stuffy bedroom. Our BERTSCHAT® cooling bedding offers a solution to this problem, other than air conditioning.

Practical tip:

The lukewarm shower is a piece of advice as old as time itself. A cold shower only works in the short term because you cool down very quickly, the blood vessels narrow, and you end up feeling as hot as before. A lukewarm shower, on the other hand, opens the blood vessels, allowing the blood to circulate more quickly, so you can enjoy a naturally cool sensation for longer!

For a long-lasting solution, here's the BERTSCHAT® refreshing pillowcase and fitted sheet. They are based on Outlast® technology. This space technology was developed by NASA and is also used during space travel to cool astronauts in high temperatures.


This technology is also perfectly applicable on land and in bedding. These are tiny microcapsules with excellent thermoregulatory properties that actively regulate temperature. These microcapsules are also known as thermocapsules.

How does Outlast® work?

It all has to do with phase change materials (PCMs), which is what our cooling vest is based on. Just as water can turn into ice and ice into water, Outlast® can also go from solid to liquid and vice versa. This phase change enables the microcapsules to absorb, store and release heat.

Watch this video to find out more:


The benefits:

Outlast® material not only ensures a constant sleeping temperature in the bed, but it also protects against extreme temperature fluctuations (temperature oscillations). So, you're no longer suddenly cold or hot, and you sleep better and more soundly. This prevents you from sweating while you sleep: your body temperature is perfectly regulated at a constant level throughout the night. This makes our refreshing bedding ideal for people who suffer from temperature fluctuations or have difficulty falling asleep on hot days. What's more, BERTSCHAT® Outlast bedding is certified true space technology, so you can be sure you're in the right place!

Is Outlast® washable ?

Refreshing bedding has advanced technology, but that doesn't pose any problems for the washing machine. You can simply wash it at 30 degrees on a normal wash cycle!

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