Heated Under Gloves Basic
Heated Under Gloves Basic
Heated Under Gloves Basic
Heated Under Gloves Basic
Heated Under Gloves Basic
Heated Under Gloves Basic
Heated Under Gloves Basic
Heated Under Gloves Basic
Heated Under Gloves Basic
Heated Under Gloves Basic

Heated Under Gloves Basic

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Ultra thin under gloves that fit in any gloves! You always have cold hands but don't want to wear big gloves? You have nice winter sports gloves, but they just don't get warm enough? Or do you have good (mandatory) work gloves, but they feel cold? Then BERTSCHAT® has the solution! Heated Under Gloves with rechargeable batteries.

How does it work?
The rechargeable batteries are connected to the gloves. Then press the on / off button and select the desired setting. Now the gloves are getting warm. Under normal circumstances this is sufficient, do you go cycling or winter sports, or do you work with "mandatory" work gloves? Then you can put it on over it. Now the heated under gloves provide extra warmth to your hands and your 'over' glove provides protection and insulation against extra cold and possible wind.

These under gloves can also be used without 'over' gloves. However, this glove is specially designed to wear gloves, among other things. To make this glove as thin as possible, this glove has no wind / waterproof layer and no insulation.

Standard Pack: 
One battery pack with two 2,200 mAh batteries is supplied with your under gloves as standard. Do you want to heat longer or do you need an extra set? Then buy an extra pack at a reduced price with the Extra Powerpack.

Extra Powerpack:
Would you like to heat for twice as long? That is possibleif you choose this battery pack. By doing so, you will receive two battery packs with four batteries (2,200 mAh at 7.4V). You can purchase these at a reduced price.

The heating runs over the palm and all the way to the fingertips. This way you can feel the warmth all over your hand. Simply connect the batteries and operate the on / off button and you will get wonderfully warm hands.


  • Inclusive: 2x 7.4V 2,200 mAh extremely flat batteries + charging system
  • Material: soft and fully stretch polyester.
  • Carbon fiber heat elements. (Unbreakable)
  • Heating time: up to 8 hours on a single charge.
  • Fast charging time.
  • Washable & Durable
  • Ultra thin
  • Water resistant. The gloves are allowed to get wet.
  • Unisex model: for both women and men.
  • Heat up to 68 degrees.
  • Ideal for: winter sports, work gloves, hunting, cycling, walking.

Which size do I need?
Because of the stretch material the gloves wil fit all hands. Measure your hand according to the picture below to pick the right size for you.

Size M: Most chosen by women
Size L: Most chosen by men

Size: Middle Finger Length (CM) Circumference (CM)
7.5 15 - 16
S 8 16 - 18
M 8.5
18 - 20
L 9
20 - 22
XL 9.5
22 - 24
XXL 10
24 - 26