Powerbank - Elite | 10.000 mAh - USB
Powerbank - Elite | 10.000 mAh - USB
Powerbank - Elite | 10.000 mAh - USB
Powerbank - Elite | 10.000 mAh - USB

Powerbank - Elite | 10.000 mAh - USB

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BERTSCHAT® products often demand the maximum from a power source. This powerbank can be connected to body warmers, hoodies, and jackets. In addition, you can also charge your USB rechargeable batteries on the go with this powerbank.

Ideal for on the go:
Despite its large amount of power, it is a light and small powerbank that you can easily carry in your pocket. The powerbank is compatible on various BERTSCHAT® products. In addition, you have the option of charging your phone wirelessly, by placing your phone on your powerbank.

The BERTSCHAT® powerbank is designed for extreme conditions. Even during very cold conditions, the BERTSCHAT® Powerbank will not let you down, providing your heated gear with energy time and time again when needed.

Powerbanks can get damaged when subjected to a lot of vibrations or shocks. The BERTSCHAT® powerbank has a sturdy casing that cushions these external factors that can damage the powerbank.

The Powerbank has two connectors so you can both plug in the product and for instance charge your smartphone at the same time.

The BERTSCHAT® powerbank is equipped with a strong 10,000 mAh 2.1A output source. Please note that some providers do not accurately note the product data or measure in a different way. This may mean that the BERTSCHAT® product does not receive enough power to deliver maximum performance. Therefore, we always advice to use the official BERTSCHAT® powerbank with your BERTSCHAT® heated gear for optimal performance.